… it’s been a while

Embarrassingly, this is our first post in a very long time. We’ll keep it short and just want to highlight that the group is still “alive”!

MTN Y’ello Care has opened up a challenge to bloggers to submit creative posts about the campaign. The deadline is coming up soon and there are prizes involved 🙂

Our meetup schedule for the year is on our meetup page. We are always open for suggestions so feel free to send them. Looking forward to meeting you at the next meetup.

The Lusaka WordPress  Meetup Group blogs and bloggers directory is still open. We often get people asking for “influencers”, social media managers, bloggers and other free and paid gigs. The contacts in the directory get first access to opportunities.

Finally, we are always looking for people to volunteer to facilitate events and helps run the group. If you are interested, contact us.

More exciting things are in the pipeline. Please check back soon.

Keep warm!



Zambian Blogs and Bloggers Directory

There are more and more opportunities for online writers in Zambia. It seems “content” is the buzzword right now. We often get people asking for referrals to Zambian blogs and bloggers. It seems to be a good thing if you focus on a particular niche: fashion, health, education, politics, tech, …

To help meet the need, we’re building a simple directory. Please fill in our form to let us know a little about you and how to get in touch.

Keep blogging!