Introducing Lian

I believe it must have been as early as 2013 when I had the pleasure to meet Lian – my first impression of her being: “She seems cool, vibrant and original”. Besides that, she’s probably got one of the freshest profile pictures [as you can see]. Ever since, we haven’t spoken much – one of the many reasons why I welcome being the one to ask her a few questions this time around.

Please tell us… Who is Lian?

If I was applying for a job I would describe myself as a bubbly, self motivated person who works well under minimum supervision. lol

For how long have you been blogging and how did it all start?

Officially for about 3 years… on and off.

What inspires you to blog?

My blog is inspired by my obsessions and the happenings of my life. Really, it has no structure. If I am obsessing over food for that period, that’s what I will write about. If I am reading, I will write about that…

What do you love about the being online and blogging itself?

Just being able to get something out and share with anyone that stumbles upon it. Meeting like minded people out there. Knowing your Crazy thoughts are not that crazy after all. There are Many more bloggers out there like myself… in the world (:

Besides blogging how do you express yourself creatively?

I am a DIY junkie. My hands love to work ao I make and create house decor, I am a makeup artist, I pretend to draw, I collect toilet paper roll :,)

Lian, I noticed this cool post on your Instagram feed that reads: “If travelling was free… Bye!”, haha. I liked that one. So let’s put it this way…

You have one free ticket! – pick a destination and tell me why.

Definitely Jamaica. I am so curious about their culture. Besides attending all those basement parties I see in music videos, lol. The internet makes it look amazing…  

Wow, that’s cool. I’d love to throw in a couple of questions about your interest in Jamaican culture but I’ll save that for another time.

Name 3 people that have shaped the way you think and act.

I Really want to say Mandela or Ba Tata of the Nation Ba Kaunda… but really and truly;

  1. My First Boss in the corporate world: a perfect example of hard work also a perfect example of what not to be as a Boss *bittersweet*
  2. My Parents make one person: the constant encouragement and support outweighs pretty much everything else in the world.
  3. I will be spiritual and say God because truth be told…  My everyday philosophy still stands at “What would Jesus do?”

What’s your favourite movie, book and album?

  1. Movie / Cartoon: Sofia the First: she is such a great depiction of what a good person should be 🙂
  2. Book: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Never have I felt so many emotions in one book. I cried so much when I finished reading it, not knowing what to do with my life after that :/ still don’t know what to do with my life. lol
  3. Album: Pompi’s first.

Where can we find you online?

@lian_eM Twitter
@popcornandfrozenyogurt Instagram

Any final words?

Thank You for having me and thank you particularly for your patience (:

I thank you, Lian.

So those were my 10 quick questions and without much say, I’d like to encourage everyone to find her on Twitter, Instagram and Google+ – connect and follow the work of an outstanding Zambian Blogger @


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