26 July Meetup Recap: Zambia Votes 2016

On Wednesday, 26 July, thirteen citizens (actually twelve Zambian citizens and a researcher from the London School of Economics) made their way to BongoHive to talk about social media and politics. Zambia is just days away from going to the polls. How has social media made an impact on this election in comparison to times past? Continue reading “26 July Meetup Recap: Zambia Votes 2016”


Of Nerds and Hair (mostly nerds) – The Daryl Lukas Story

Many people don’t seem to realize this but, there’s a lot more to nerds than meets the eye. A lot of people just think of introverted humans, who like tech and live in fandoms. While, there’s  some ounce truth to this (ok maybe more than an ounce), its not the ONLY thing to nerds. Nerds also have great hair. (You’ll see this in a minute, keep reading). Continue reading “Of Nerds and Hair (mostly nerds) – The Daryl Lukas Story”