28 June Meetup Recap: Collabo-write

On Tuesday, 28 June, thirteen brave people came out to BongoHive to stare procrastination in the face and emerge victorious. There is, indeed, power in numbers! Three of our guests were first-timers who had never blogged before. Each left with a blog and blog post in tow.

“Collabo-write” was the brilliant idea of Dailess who is one of the Lusaka WordPress Meetup Group co-organisers. She (selfishly) needed a solid block of time to actually sit down, organise her thoughts and eventually publish a post. The event turned out to be a wonderful way to get people think through why we procrastinate about blogging and share practical ways to over come it.

Before the evening was done veterans paired up with newbies to help them register new blogs on WordPress.com and publish their first posts!

Here are some of the highlights (you can see #WPLSK on Titter for more) …

Hope you are able to make it to our next meetup.

Keep blogging!



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