Living and Enjoying Life on Purpose-Lubaya


I met with Lubaya at Rhythms Café at the Intercontinental Hotel here in Lusaka.

We had rescheduled our interview date once already. A week later, on a lovely warm Sunday afternoon, we finally met up and had a few good hours of sharing on life, blogging, music, food and books

We had agreed to meet at 13:00hrs.

I arrive at the scheduled time and she arrives ten minutes later. I don’t mind at all as it gave me time to settle down.

We exchange a warm greeting and there’s even a hug. We sit down to begin the interview over a lemon flavored iced tea that she orders and I do the whole, “I’ll have the same,” thing.

I set up my phone to record our conversation and take notes as she speaks. Continue reading “Living and Enjoying Life on Purpose-Lubaya”


Word Lover. Shape Shifter. Chief Flourishing Officer: Introducing, Kamota Mayondi.

Like the many before me, when I received the email stating who I would be interviewing I was excited, but also a little terrified. Like many of you, I follow this wordsmith, and beautiful lady on almost every possible social media platform she is on.

While doing my “research” however, I fear I may have caused Kamota to raise her brows in curiosity as I liked and re-tweeted her posts. But, seeing all her posts as I scrolled down her instagram timeline made me want to  do and be better, you know, in a “life-goals”, I wish I was this “cool Tumblr kid” kind of way. It made me curious, and quite truthfully, honoured to be able to ask all the questions that were now swimming around in my head.

But, first things first… Continue reading “Word Lover. Shape Shifter. Chief Flourishing Officer: Introducing, Kamota Mayondi.”