Straight Ouuta Kopala ; Meet Mukuka Mayuka

The Previous author decided to go unplugged. So any dreams of a killer follow-up were lost in her piece. But I soon realized, every article that has been written so far, has been from a different set of eyeballs. Read on to find out what these eyeballs have seen.

Mukuka has a unique personality and very calm demeanor. But don’t let that fool you. She’s all fire and passion. Anyone who’s had the chance to revel in her presence can lay testament to this truth.Her character even stands out in her words(Check out her blog).

Interviewing a person is no small feat. If it was, there would be David Letterman’s all over the place. So when I got my chance to Interview Mukuka, it was at a moments notice(I found her at BongoHive chatting with Simunza).

There’s no time like the present(or so I told myself), I made my move and she agreed obligingly. Continue reading “Straight Ouuta Kopala ; Meet Mukuka Mayuka”


Mwape Unplugged: the man behind the face for radio

Right now I’m unplugged, as Luke stole my opening paragraph and then went on to profile me so fabulously, I’m in conniptions trying to create a worthy follow up.  That, coupled with the fact that I have never used WordPress, as my blog Mwana Ba Afrika is on Blogger, have procrastinated and now need to post this in the next few hours, has me completely unravelled.  But that is when I am at my best, rising to the challenge when the stakes are high.  That, or I am a masochistic writer.  Which is why I don’t do this professionally. I’m completely useless at discipline and deadlines really give me a headache. I feel like this one just crept up on me even though I knew four months in advance it was coming. Deranged and confused I continue to be. Oh dear… Continue reading “Mwape Unplugged: the man behind the face for radio”

Proudly Zambian, positively African, the tail of the Ndhlovukhazi storyteller

A day before Christmas, I opened up my laptop to frantically search for any shops that were both still open and sold anything remotely interesting. As the screen flickered to life, I noticed a suspicious looking email from Silumesii. Intrigued, rush forgotten, I opened it. He went on to describe the 52 Zambian Bloggers project. He’d gone through the trouble of preparing a suggested schedule, so I resisted the introvert inspired urge to immediately refuse.

Schedule in front of me, I scrolled through, searching for my name. Satisfied that it filled my freshly determined criteria, I nodded. I’d do it. The criteria? 1. It was sufficiently far in the future for me to naively believe the day would never arrive. 2. I’d already worked with my designated interviewee, so I had an idea of who she was. I spared a chuckle for Dai. Poor lady, good luck trying to get anything out of me (she did a fine job by the way). Nodding my head, I shut the laptop. Presents forgotten.

Ngosa calls herself an introvert, but by the end of the interview I’m sure we can all agree to disqualify her as one. She shares something with many of the project’s interviewees I’ve read so far – an innate desire to share the positive stories of Africa that are missing from mainstream media. It comes from a frustration deep down in seeing your continent misrepresented, when you know the beauty of her people and culture.

On every social media platform Ngosa is active on, right under her vibrant profile picture, she will describe herself as an Ndhlovukhazi storyteller. Not sure what that is? Well gather round children, let’s form a nice circle, keep quiet, listen. The Ndhlovukhazi storyteller is about to tell a tale.

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Meet Luke Brown- the recovering introvert and designer of

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After enjoying the #IfAfricaWasABar tweets on twitter, I soon realized that I had never in my years of twitter usage noticed Zambia trending. I suggested this as a discussion for one of the Lusaka WordPress Bloggers meetup and this was resulted in a discussion on how to promote your blog. The discussion concluded with the question of whether trending is a goal to be attained or should the target goal be to get more Zambian content out there. Who is responsible of putting out Zambian content and how should it be done? I was thrilled about the idea of the 52 bloggers challenge because not only are we getting Zambian bloggers together writing about their lives, work and Zambia, we are getting exposed to Zambian content, we are casting the net out wider and reaching out further to Zambians who are not even locally based in Zambia but have stories to tell about Zambia.

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