Into The Mind Of …

“I’m a poet and couch-potato-I follow 17 different series a week. Also a lover, student lawyer and rock-star.”

My own mind bores me sometimes so I went into the mind of Miss Tukiya Fundafunda. From her description of who she is, you already get the hint of how much fun I had playing ‘treasure hunt’ in her mind. But I wasn’t allowed to set up camp so here’s what I came back with-only because I had to come back.

A creative like you shouldn’t be placed in any box whatsoever. But I’ll ask you this, if you were to be locked up in a room for 48 hours, what five items would you require to survive, or at least stay sane?

  1. my purple portable bluetooth speaker,
  2. Re-runs of Chicago fire,
  3. My phone or laptop,
  4. A Jodi Picoult book,
  5. Sewing kit plus fabric.

You know she’s a girl when she starts with something purple. The sewing kit and fabric is a great twist though.

Something that strikes me about you,-ALL the time- is how diverse you are in your photos. How do you manage such diversity?

I think both Kayi (the other half of MaFashio) and I like our pictures to be as interesting and visually stimulating as possible-everything stems from that. (I wish I could be more detailed but we have an electricity crisis so I don’t want my phone to die before I’m done)- How dare you ZESCO?!

(When I grow up I wanna look as good in my pictures as she does in hers.)


See what I mean? An awesome crazy.


You’re thinking-whaaat?! Yes, Tukiya (right) is one half of the MaFashio sisters. Surprise!
Being a makeup artist, what would you say is the divide between a great made-up face and a close-to-a-horror-movie actress?

make up is rarely seen as an exact science, but our approach is a natural take on trendy make up. (great answer.)

What’s your daily routine like- assuming your days are made up of routine, or are you a randomite like most creatives?

I’d like to have a life with less routine but you do need some structure when you’re running a business or are in school.
I do like the fact that fashion allows me to have new experiences and meet new people every day.
A typical day is four hours of law school, two hours of TV and the rest is generally fashion-related work (blogging, styling, photoshoots).

So your favourite colour is turquoise, why?

My favourite colour changes literally every season. I am really enjoying army/forest green and oxblood reds this year though.

(her favourite isn’t turquoise. I must have been hallucinating).

Explain the concept of wardrobe styling, I know that’s something you do as MaFashio.

wardrobe styling is, at its most basic, building a look or enhancing a brand using clothing. We help decide what is best for a particular brand, shoot or person based on research, their personal taste and trend reports.

If you went to space, what’s the one thing you’d want to do there? (you could do anything).

Lol. I don’t know how I feel about space travel, but I think I could finally get some reading done.

What is MaFashio all about?

MaFashio is a Zambian style house, created to be a one-stop shop for styling, branding, campaign conceptualization, make up artistry and fashion retail.

(She lost me at style house…I joke).

The world is going green. How do you feel about climate change?

I am a bit of a tree-hugger and I believe we need to take care of our home; so I guess would like to think we can still help mitigate the effects of climate change.


This is her favourite picture. “because the colour in it was a new  direction for me. I usually try to keep my pictures as minimal as possible.”


Author: Summer

Finally got to an age where adulting is fun and liberating and a great adventure. Constantly learning new things and trying out new things. Discovering and rediscovering myself. exciting. :-)

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