Getting to know the elephant in the room — Dailesi Njobvu


In October 2013 I wrote about, “Technology, social media, Africa and me”. In it I said, “I have access to multiple strands of rich information, conversations and thought leadership through the wonderful world wide web…” The 52 Zambian Bloggers project is a fantastic example of what great ideas and the internet can do together. Not only do we need more African stories, we need more Zambian stories. We need to uncover, produce and share what Zambians across the world are doing today to make positive change. Spreading these stories is like igniting a spark in the darkness of the very real challenges, impossibilities and limitations we all experience. Spreading these stories demonstrates that a mix of unfathomable dreams, resolute tenacity, steadfast hope, renewed faith and tonnes of hard work does make a positive impact.

And so, here is the story of one young woman who I have met virtually through her blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and email. One day, we will meet face to face. Her name is Dailesi, known to her friends as Dai. Dailesi is pronounced, ‘die-less’, the ‘i’ at the end is silent.

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29 March Meetup Recap – Food Blogging

On Tuesday, 29 March, fourteen people came out to BongoHive for our Food Blogging meetup. Our regular attendees did not disappoint and it was inspiring to welcome first-timers including Chila whose favourite food is bread and Vinni who loves peanut butter straight from the jar every morning.

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A journey from living in a Zambian mudhut to savy entreprenur – meet Sara Drawwater

I first spoke to Sara Drawwater four years ago while looking for a web design company to build the new Autoworld website. We spoke on the phone and I instantly liked her. I didn’t know much about her, yet immediately felt connected to her story when I discovered we had both left Zambia around the age of 16 and navigated a new life in the UK. I knew that I had found a very forward thinking web design company that gets Zambia and would know how to tell Autoworld’s story.

Little did I know that four years later it would be my turn to tell Sara’s story. It’s been a real honour interviewing this savy business lady and has left me inspired by her journey from the Zambian bush (literally – no running water so definitely no computers) to being this extremely influential and big hearted lady doing the work that she loves in online communication. Continue reading “A journey from living in a Zambian mudhut to savy entreprenur – meet Sara Drawwater”

Motherhood and mindfulness with Marisa



On the island of Providenciales, Turks & Caicos in the Bahamas you will find the place that Marisa Shearer (born Findlay) and her family call home. Daughter to a Zambian businessman and a British mother she grew up in Lusaka but later moved to the UK to complete her studies. There she eventually took the plunge and turned her passion for photography into a business with the focus on lifestyle and women. Many years later Marisa was also the one who introduced me to photography and taught me the basics through a workshop she held in Lusaka. And she has been my mentor ever since. She has done a number of jobs in Zambia and has been published more than once in magazines such as Bulletin&Record and Nkwazi. But for Marisa photography is not merely about taking pictures: Continue reading “Motherhood and mindfulness with Marisa”

Home: A Love Story…

Before being connected through WordPress Lusaka, I hadn’t actually heard of Elina’s blog ( but once I did visit it, I was blown away!

The photography is the absolute coolest and, being a poet, I was drawn to her constant self-introspection and thoughtfulness.

Which of course led me to want to ask lots (and lots) of questions; but these 8 made the final cut*:

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Into The Mind Of …

“I’m a poet and couch-potato-I follow 17 different series a week. Also a lover, student lawyer and rock-star.”

My own mind bores me sometimes so I went into the mind of Miss Tukiya Fundafunda. From her description of who she is, you already get the hint of how much fun I had playing ‘treasure hunt’ in her mind. But I wasn’t allowed to set up camp so here’s what I came back with-only because I had to come back.

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