The Awesome Edwina Mazunda


Edwina Mazunda is a woman who defies categorization. She has the mind of an Academic and the spirit of a Creative, or the spirit of an Academic and the mind of a Creative. This mix of right-brain/left-brain thinking is just one of the attributes that makes her wonderful. She gives us a glimpse inside her complex mind on her blog, Saving Summer.

I conducted this interview via email because I live 15,435 km away in Canada. As a Canadian-raised Zambian, I am very curious and excited to learn about young people living in Zambia. In the North America, we rarely hear these voices. As we all know, the media has a poor track record when it comes to accurate representation of African life.

This is why I was excited to ask Edwina these questions to get a glimpse at life as a Zambian 20-something. I’ve left in all Edwina’s notes, because I believe they serve to express her character and charm.

Please join me in getting to know Edwina…

I see you’re active on twitter! Can you give me your autobiography in 140 characters or less?

Born 2nd Nov in Monze.Last born.Tonga by birth-place,Tumbuka by Dad,Bemba by Mum,Awesome by tribe. Crazy about life. A fan of words and food.

(notice the lack of spacing? I typed it out on twitter first to make certain it’s 140 characters).

Interviewers Note: You can find Edwina on twitter here… @ed_summer

What is great about life as a 20-something in Zambia?

I recently “discovered” I could walk up to so many professional men and women and tell them “I wanna spend a day in your life” and most are willing. So I would say it’s the opportunities to learn from those who have gone ahead of us in careers, ministry, or life generally and learn from their experiences and have them influence and impact the experiences we have in our own lives.

What are some of the major frustrations you face as a 20-something in Zambia?

Not knowing who to vote for. Let me rephrase, not having someone I consider credible enough for the highest office standing as president and thereby having to “settle”. I think we hold people to a higher standard and criterion when considering them for a business partner, or CEO of a company, for a boyfriend/husband (do not pursue this line of thought) than we do for the highest office in our country.

For presidency, it seems they all fall short in general leadership qualities but somehow I just have to bite the lemon and say oh well-who’s the lesser devil?- that sucks. (maybe I shouldn’t say devil. hehe)

I read on your blog that you enjoy reading biographies. Do you have a biography to recommend?

Nah! I was just trying to sound smart. Haha! I have only read one in the most recent past- Lord Denning’s Biography. He was a law lord, judge, legal person, everything law. So I may not recommend it to everyone, but for law people, he was an awesome person.

Richard Branson’s “Losing My Virginity.” The person who lent it to me told me “it will blow your mind”- it did.  I think Branson has mercury flowing in his veins. He is all sorts of awesome-insane.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John- the gospels. Jesus’ biographies.You can never have too much. The sort where you learn something new with every new read, whether it’s a passage you’ve read previously or not, there’s always some awesomeness contained therein.

(I think in answering Number 1, I should have added “I abuse the word awesome”).

If you could go back in time 10 years, what advice would you give your teenage self?

Hmmm. 14th February 10 years ago I was 16 years old. That in ten years’ time you will be interviewed for a Fifty-Two Zambian Bloggers project so just go ahead and be the confused, unfigured-out-about-life 16 year old kid you already are.  

Oh! I should be serious? Okay, here goes- The detours you encounter in life will bring you to some of the loveliest people you will ever know, and the life stories you will wanna tell over and over again. So when life doesn’t turn out exactly as you planned, consider your plans the ‘fiction’ version and God’s plans the bestseller version of your life.


Which activity fills you with so much joy that you lose track of time?

Sleeping, until my alarm happens. Also, reading. I love to read- even if it’s just a quote from a Tom and Jerry episode. Does T&J have quotes considering they don’t even…aaah don’t mind me.

Oooh oooh and ice-cream-it counts as an activity.

If you wanted to impress someone with a special meal, what would you make?

If that someone was my brother- anything I cook impresses him.


Lumanda. Okay that isn’t a complete meal.

It would probably be Chinese Fried Rice. My best-friend taught me how to cook it and I think it’s easily one of the coolest things I ever learnt.

What lead you towards law as an area of interest?

I was out of options. I wanted to be a journalist but in grade ten I decided I didn’t wanna spend the rest of my life writing stories and having someone decide my choice of words, punctuations, or sentence constructions etc was not good enough. So I thought what else do I know how to do? Read and talk.  But I do enjoy law. A whole lot it’s sad sometimes.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

The ability to be invisible. Sooo many times I’ve wanted to be the fly (not literally. Okay maybe) on people’s walls just so I could hear their conversations, and see what they’re doing. Also, I wonder what people say about me when I’m not there, so if I were invisible I’d be there without being there.

What do you wish the rest of the world knew about Zambia?

The jury is still out on this one. (Interviewer’s Note: A law fanatic to the end!)

Check our Edwina performing a piece of her original poetry here…


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