23 February Meetup Recap – Travel Blogging

Twenty-two bloggers and travel enthusiasts came out to our Travel Blogging meetup at BongoHive on Wednesday, 24 February. It was good to see familiar faces and even better to see so many people attend a WordPress Meetup for the very first time!

First-timers to note included Jacqueline and Linda. Sheena Carey from Your Insider Zambia (a curated local travel service) was a treat to have. We also had Doris Kofi from the Zambia Tourism Board. Doris is an encyclopedia of all things to do with domestic travel. She was a valuable gift to have at the event.

As always, you can get live-Tweets from the discussion using the #WPLSK hashtag on Twitter but you really should have been there!

The meetup started with some “get to know you” questions – tell us your name, what you blog about and where in Zambia you’d like to travel to. People spoke so passionately about their local travel aspirations that introductions took 40 minutes! Within the four walls of our meetup, we were already starting to explore Zambia through other people’s knowledge about where to go and what to do there. You’ve got to love wanderlust!

It was a delightful detour and we eventually, got to the topic of discussion: Travel Blogging.

Three big challenges seemed to keep coming up for our bloggers:

  1. The high cost of local travel
  2. The scarcity of information – where to go and what to do there
  3. The lack of a travel culture among Zambians


Being the proactive group that we are, some answers to these challenges bubbled to the surface.


We had a grand time and met some fascinating people who love Zambia and take travel very seriously. We loved it so much we are considering a re-boot of this topic. Hope you can make it to the next meetup. Bring a friend and a snack or drink to share. #KeepBlogging.


2 thoughts on “23 February Meetup Recap – Travel Blogging”

    1. Thank you, Elina.

      It would have been great to have had you. We may “re-boot” the topic in a few months. Keep an eye out :-).
      We’ll definitely check out your “trips” posts.

      Hope all is well for the mother of four on the farm in Kabwe :-).

      Liked by 1 person

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