The Awesome Edwina Mazunda


Edwina Mazunda is a woman who defies categorization. She has the mind of an Academic and the spirit of a Creative, or the spirit of an Academic and the mind of a Creative. This mix of right-brain/left-brain thinking is just one of the attributes that makes her wonderful. She gives us a glimpse inside her complex mind on her blog, Saving Summer. Continue reading “The Awesome Edwina Mazunda”


23 February Meetup Recap – Travel Blogging

Twenty-two bloggers and travel enthusiasts came out to our Travel Blogging meetup at BongoHive on Wednesday, 24 February. It was good to see familiar faces and even better to see so many people attend a WordPress Meetup for the very first time!

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Bon Appétit from The Blenderist

Once in a while you will come across a blog that is simple yet sophisticated, engaging and well presented that you definitely want to know the brains behind it. One such blog is The Blenderist by Jasmine Lukuku (37). Jasmine was born in Zambia and raised in Canada, Vancouver British Columbia to be precise. She blogs about something close to my heart, food. There is an art to cooking, and like every art there are masters and amateurs. Jasmine possesses a quality that few have and many wish they had. She can cook and shows us mere mortals how to do it, in her blog.

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My “Interview” with Tasila Mwale

Tasila Mwale1

(I usually prefer my interviews to be face to face but distance could not allow me the pleasure so this interview in it’s gore and glory is all thanks to the power of the interweb. But you are here to know about Tasila so I will stop wasting your time… Ready… Set.. GO)

There are a number of fortunate people walking the streets who have heard of you and your music but don’t quite know you. So who is Tasila Mwale? Continue reading “My “Interview” with Tasila Mwale”