26 January Meetup Recap – How to promote your blog

At 18:00hrs on Tuesday, 26 January 2016, BongoHive played host to the first Lusaka WordPress Meetup Group event of 2016. The meetup topic was How to Promote your Blog but for me about it was about getting to meet everyone in person again. I’ll admit that I missed everyone. It had been several weeks since the last event.

Twenty-two people attended in total. Not our highest or lowest attendance but definitely the most electrifying discussion we’ve had since the Meetup Group started in June 2015. Everyone made a contribution. That says a lot considering many of us were meeting for the first time.

New members to note were James (learning what a blog is), Rabson (a newbie looking to start a fitness blog) and Mapopa, Elizabeth and Teddy who help with social media at Zamtel.

Dai laid the backdrop for the discussion part of the event – in summary, “Why isn’t Zambian content trending online and how can we promote local content to achieve this?”. It was a roller-coaster of a ride through whether or not population affects this, how freedom of speech has an effect and eventually whether trending in itself is actually a worthy goal to attain.

You can catch up using the #WPLSK hashtag on Twitter but you really should have been there!

To wrap it all up, we exchanged tips on how we promote our content online.

Thank you to everyone who was able to come out. Hope you can make it to the next event. Bring a friend and a snack or drink to share. #KeepBlogging.


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