The Fifty-Two Zambian Bloggers Project

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016!

This year Zambia turns 52 years old on 24 October. By pure coincidence (or probably just mathematics) there are 52 weeks in a year.

To celebrate, we’ve asked fifty-two Zambian bloggers to post an interview of another Zambian blogger. We’ll have one interview each week for the entire year and have an incredible line-up of bloggers.

To demonstrate just how creative we are, we’re calling it the, “Fifty-Two Zambian Bloggers Project”. So incredibly creative :-).

Hope you’ll stay along for the ride!


Here are the posts so far:

  1. Leelee Ngwenya, @leelabee interviewed by @silumesii
  2. The Man Behind the Fiction … Benny Blow, @Benny_blow  interviewed by @leelabee
  3. Who is Samba Yonga?, @Kuwaha interviewed by @Benny_blow
  4. Fashioning Zambia from the Mediterranean blue, @m6e5tr0 interviewed by @Kuwaha
  5. My “Interview” with Tasila Mwale, @Odalitsidwa interviewed by @m6e5tr0
  6. Say Hello to Peter Nawa@peternawa interviewed by @Odalitsidwa
  7. Bon Appétit from The Blenderist, @TheBlenderist interviewed by @peternawa
  8. The Awesome Edwina Mazunda, @ed_summer interviewd by @TheBlenderist
  9. Into The Mind Of …, @TheHungryBard interviewed by @ed_summer



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