Fashioning Zambia from the Mediterranean blue

An interview will always allow for a revelation of some sort, a fact, an idea, a thought or state of being. It’s the occupational hazard of any writer. This interview didn’t fall short on any of those scores. For starters, it began with a lesson in geo-politics, then it ventured into a philosophical articulation on architecture and even some unexpected tips on how to deal with ADD.

Instead of getting into detailed prose that will only scratch the surface of the thoughts behind the subject, an extraction of some of his prolific and introspective statements during the interview seemed much more compelling…

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26 January Meetup Recap – How to promote your blog

At 18:00hrs on Tuesday, 26 January 2016, BongoHive played host to the first Lusaka WordPress Meetup Group event of 2016. The meetup topic was How to Promote your Blog but for me about it was about getting to meet everyone in person again. I’ll admit that I missed everyone. It had been several weeks since the last event.

Twenty-two people attended in total. Not our highest or lowest attendance but definitely the most electrifying discussion we’ve had since the Meetup Group started in June 2015. Everyone made a contribution. That says a lot considering many of us were meeting for the first time.

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Who is Samba Yonga?


To attempt to describe what Samba Yonga does in a few sentences would be to box it all in and probably do it a vocabulary deficient injustice. At any one time, she might be on the editorial team of several magazines; work on bringing to life the oral archives of women that played a role in shaping pre-colonial Zambia; produce an educational program on television and even find time to read a collection of short stories and How the French Think. She’s two parts enigmatic, one part omnipresent, a dash of media consultant and all passion.

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The Man Behind the Fiction…Benny Blow


I met with Benny Blow on a Sunday afternoon at Buzz Café right as he arrived back from his December holidays…the man had just come from the airport but agreed to meet with me. That’s just one example of what a great guy he is and how as a creative he is always willing to participate! We sat down together for my “freestyle” interview, which was more of our usual banter and conversation that we have shared on twitter.

You might have already guessed but like any great writer Benny Blow is a nom de plume much like J.K. Rowling, Mark Twain, Voltaire, Lewis Carroll and Stan Lee to name a few. I’ve always admired his choice of “Benny Blow” as it makes me think of mob movies or comic book detectives and superheroes.

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Leelee Ngwenya

This post marks the beginning of the The Fifty-Two Zambian Bloggers Project which celebrates Zambian bloggers and bloggers in Zambia.

You will recognise Leelee Ngwenya’s voice immediately from radio and will remember her from TV as well. Passionately expressing herself on social media and standing firm for causes she believes in, Leelee is a creative force of nature. For this post, I had a delightful afternoon exploring the miseducation of Leelee. It left me with more questions than answers but also inspired to fear less and do more with my life.

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